How Much?

How much? THE number one question I get asked and sadly, the hardest to give a simple answer too.

Each and every one of my cakes is designed specifically for just one occasion – your occasion! Whether it be a wedding, birthday, christening, anniversary or just because, your cake will never be like any other. And because of that I can’t publish a list of prices. However, below are a few examples, just to give you a better idea.

So, what are my prices based on? – the design, the detail, the flowers, whether it’s sculpted or has a structure, and the size. Bespoke cakes take time to design and create, and time is what my prices are mainly calculated on. However, I don’t scrimp on my ingredients and my prices reflect this.

Please note I do not copy other cake designs. I don’t even copy my own! I am happy to take inspiration from other cakes, but please don’t send me a photo and ask ‘how much for this?’. There are plenty of cake makers around who will copy cakes, however, if you want a one of a kind, bespoke design, not yet seen on Instagram or Pinterest, then please get in touch.

Just as an example…..

Here are a few cakes with portion quantities and prices to give you a rough idea. I have a Minimum Order amount of £100

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If you would like to read the Terms and Conditions regarding ordering a cake, you can do so here.