Artisan Cake Baker

Are you looking for a cake that’s a showstopping piece of art?

Hi, I’m Bronya, an Artisan Cake Baker, based on the Epsom Downs. I like to think a bit differently about cake.
Welcome to my magical world of cake!

Homebaked Goodness

I still think some of the best cakes I ever ate were when I was young. I come from a family who like to bake – my Mum, my Nan, my Great Aunt, they all made the scrummiest cakes. That’s because they always baked from scratch, with tenderness and care. I learnt to bake as a child and the most important ingredient I was taught to use was Love, and to this day, I still bake with oodles of love, from scratch, like only a human can.

Think differently about cake

How many cakes have you seen that are round or square? Yup, tonnes! I like to think a bit differently and make cakes that not only taste scrummy but look like no cake you’ve seen before. In fact, I’d rather they didn’t look like cake at all, but instead like amazing pieces of edible art. I like my cakes to be epic in both design and taste.
And while we’re talking about taste….. now I don’t mind a good vanilla cake, but have you tried Lemon and Basil, or Vanilla Chai? Cake flavours can be a world of wonder!

What more than love?

OK, so as I’ve established Love is my main ingredient, but Love alone doesn’t make a cake. You need some other basics…..flour, eggs etc etc. As an Artisan Cake Baker, I like to source as many of my ingredients as possible, as locally as possible. For any I can’t source locally I use the yummiest I can find, and British where I can. I love to embrace the differences in people diets, and am always on the hunt for new and exciting things to bake in a cake.

Bronya at DCC

is a part of Daisy Cake Company and delivers to Central London, Greater London and Surrey.